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"Sold by (Merchant Name)"

STORETER Retail Products are the products which are sourced and sold by STORETER itself. These products are labeled under the name of STORETER i.e. "Sold by STORETER".

At STORETER, we deal directly with manufacturers. As a result, we get the products at the best price possible. Moreover, STORETER is a company with good resources. We have a large warehouse where we keep a good stock of our entire product range. All these factors enable us to sell the products to our customers at the cheapest rate possible.

At STORETER we offer a wide range of products. Some of these products are sold by STORETER itself, whereas, other products are sold by different traders. The traders are either local or overseas traders. On the basis of the source of products, they are labeled under four different categories:

1. Retail products: Retail items are those items which are sold by STORETER itself. These products are labeled as "Sold by STORETER".

2. Fulfilled by STORETER: These include products which are send to customers directly from the warehouse of STORETER. These products are stored at our warehouse hence packing and shipping of the product is done from the warehouse. This ensures the fastest delivery to our customers.

3. Marketplace Products: These include items which are sold by other traders. These products are labeled under the name of the merchant himself. They are labeled as “Sold by (Merchant Name)".

4. Cross-border Products: This category includes products which are sourced and sold by overseas merchants. These products can be identified on the product page as they come with label of seller i.e. “Sold by (Merchant Name)" with a remark “Ships from Overseas”. 

At STORETER we understand your concern. All our products come with the detail information about the product as well as a trader. You can get detailed information about the product on the product page itself. Basic information like product size, price, warranty, manufacturer details, availability etc. is available on the product page itself under the tab "Product details". However, detail description is given under the tab “Product Specifications”. 
At STORETER, the entire product description is just a click away

Digital Vouchers

You select the voucher as per your choice. The voucher will be sent to you at your email address by the merchant. You can purchase a maximum of 5 vouchers at a time.

You can purchase a digital voucher from our authorized restaurants and other food merchants.  Once selected, add the voucher to your cart. Click on ‘Check Out’. Complete the purchase process. Once the purchasing process gets completed you will receive the Digital Voucher via SMS or e-mail.

Once the purchase process is completed you will receive the Digital Voucher code via SMS or email.

Digital Voucher purchased by you, cannot be seen at STORETER’s site. You will be able to see these vouchers in your mail account. In case you have not received any message then you need to contact our customer support system with your order number. We will provide the required assistance.

Yes, you can purchase the Digital Voucher as a Gift. These vouchers are transferable. Once purchased you can forward these voucher to another recipient.

Yes, you can purchase a maximum of 5 vouchers per transaction.

Yes, you can redeem your vouchers. You just have to show the confirmation SMS or email to the merchant and redeem your voucher immediately. You can find the details of redemption on the product page of the voucher.

No, installment and Cash on Delivery option are not applicable for purchase of Digital Voucher.

Please contact our customer support system. Our representatives work 24/7 to help you in solving all kinds of issues.

No, Digital Vouchers once purchased can neither be returned or exchanged.

Please contact our customer support system immediately. 

In case of multiple voucher purchase, you will receive different confirmation mail/SMS at your registered contact details.

Making prior reservation is highly recommended. The details to make a reservation are mentioned on the product page.

Gift Cards

Buying STORETER’s Gift Card is very easy.

Go to the Gift Card option

Select the value of Gift Card

Enter personal information (name, contact number, email address) of a person for whom you want to buy the gift card.

Click on “Add to Cart”

Click on ‘Place your Order’

Complete the payment process.

You will receive the confirmation on the registered email address. 

Making payments by using Gift Card is very easy. Visit the official STORETER site. Select the product you want to purchase. While making payment, click on ‘Order Summary’. Apply your Gift Card code at ‘Apply here’. Payment will be done via Gift Card. 
In case the amount to be paid is more than the value of the Gift Card, then you will have to make payment using any of your preferred payment options.
Complete the payment process by clicking on ‘Place your Order’.

Yes, there is a limit on the purchase of STORETER’S Gift Cards. Per order, you can buy maximum 5 units of the same denomination. In case you want to purchase more than 5 units than you have to place another order.

Only 1 Gift Card can be used per order.

No, unused Gift Cards cannot be refunded.

In case your Gift Card cannot be used or is corrupted, contact us. Our representatives will verify the claim and you will be issued new Gift Card.

No, once order is placed for gift cards, it cannot be canceled.

Once purchased, Gift Cards are delivered to the recipients via e-mail within 24-48 hours from the time of buying. You will receive the confirmation email at the registered email address. 
In case you or the recipient of Gift Card don’t receive the confirmation email, then

Kindly check your junk/ bulk email folder

Contact our Customer support system. Our representative will help you in all the possible ways.

No, there is no delivery fees associated with Gift Cards. 

 At STORETER’S, the Gift Cards are available in 4 different denominations. You can select the denomination as per your requirements.

No, once validity period of the Gift Card expires, it becomes void. 

In such case, contact STORETER’s customer service support system. Our representative will look into the matter. You will be issued new Gift Card in the desired denomination after verification.

Gift Card recipient can use Gift Card for a purchase amount either equal or lower than the gift card amount. However, an important point to note is that the Gift Card can be used only once. 

Yes, the product can be returned if it meets the terms of STORETER’S return policy.

No, Gift Card once used can neither be recharged nor it can be reloaded.

Yes, you can use the gift card for most of the products at STORETER. Gift Card cannot be used for purchase of products which are marked as “Voucher Code not applicable on this item.”

Yes, STORETER’s Gift Cards are easily transferable.

Overseas Product Informations & Product Policy

STORETER is known for keeping up its promises. We always deliver our goods on time. in order to track your order, you just have to click on “track your order” under “my order”. Enter your order number. You will get the up to date detail of your order. Moreover, you can also track your order by using our mobile app. 

At STORETER, there is no extra cost associated with the overseas order. The price mentioned on the product page is inclusive of customs fees as well as import duties. 
In case, you are asked to pay any additional cost by our logistics partner or customs, then please contact our Customer Care center. We will take care of everything. 

In case you want to cancel your overseas order, you have to contact our customer service. They will guide you in carrying out your request. 
The overseas order can be canceled if it falls under the following category:

1. Overseas order cancellation can be done till the time it is not dispatched by the trader. 

2.  Once dispatched, the order cannot be canceled.

Delivery time of overseas product varies from product to product. There are various factors which affect the delivery time. This includes merchant’s origin, place of delivery and mode of shipment. 
To get the best delivery time estimate: 

go to the product page

click on the delivery option

select your province 

You will get the estimated delivery time. At STORETER, we try our best to get you best products from all over the world within the shortest time possible.
Note: In special cases where the custom clearance procedures are required, you may expect a delay in the delivery of the product. 

“Return and refund policies” are different in case of overseas products. You should always refer to these policies before confirming your order for overseas products.
In case of some overseas products, the manufacturer warranty is not valid. It is always recommended to go through the product information in detail before placing the order. In case, you need further clarification on the product, you can always contact our customer service center. 
Points to remember in case of the purchase of overseas products:

Product details, usage manual, instructions and safety warnings may not be available in the destination country language.

The product design and specification may not be as per the approved standards of the destination country.

All the overseas products are marked with "Ships from overseas" on their respective product page.
In case you need any other information, please contact us at our customer service number. We are always there to help you.

Prepaid Mobile Top-up

Go to the homepage-click on the TOP-UP.

Enter your mobile number

Select the top up amount

Click on “Load Now”.

Enter card information and click on “Place your order”.

Note: Kindly make sure you enter the correct amount. 

Different telecom providers follow different rules as well as validity period for Top-ups. We suggest our clients contact them for a detailed description of the rules.

Product - Related information

Once you have selected your product, visit the product page. Product availability is mentioned under the product’s price details. If the product is available for purchase it is shown as ‘In Stock’.  

STORETER provides a platform for various suppliers. These suppliers showcase their exclusive and selected products and sell them at a very reasonable price. All these products come under the category of Marketplace Products.

Marketplace Products can be easily identified on the product page. They are accompanied with the name of the seller. 

Warranty Related FAQ's

Yes. Once the warranty period is over you will have to bear the repair cost. We suggest you get the product repaired at the authorized shops for quality repair work. 

You just have to contact the warranty center and they will get the needful done.
In case you don’t have the contact number for the warranty center of your product, you can call the STORETER’s Customer Service Center. Our representative will provide you all the required information.

No. If the product is under the warranty period and the damage is covered under warranty conditions, then the repair work will be done by us. We will take care of the repairing cost.

You can check the warranty of product under the product specification tab on the product page. Another way to check your product’s warranty is through the warranty card which will be there inside your package.

If the product is still covered under warranty period, we would take up your case with the seller. The average time taken is around 60 days. However, this time varies from seller to seller.

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