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In such cases, you can make payment using STORETER’s E-Wallet. 

It is a prepaid payment account which you can use to make payment for your online shopping with STORETER. You can top-up your E-Wallet account via our various top-up channels.

First, you need to check the amount charged to your account is actually a wrong entry or not. The product selected by you may have additional fee e.g. bulky fee or shipping surcharge.  These charges are shown in your order summary.
In case, your account is charged with the wrong amount, then you need to contact our Customer Service Center. We will give our full support and will reimburse the amount.

STORETER is highly secured site. Your security is our first priority. No, we do not retain your card details. The information is sent directly to our financial institutes. 
Our representatives also call up the card holder to confirm the order.

No, you cannot use someone else card to make the payment for your purchase. Security of our customer is very important to us. We at STORETER allow orders from the card holder only.

In case you made payment using any of our prepaid payment methods, you will immediately get a confirmation as ‘Thank you for your purchase’. This message means that you have made a successful transaction.
In case you have opted for COD payment method you will get following notification: ‘Your order is being processed’.
You can always keep a track of your order.

STORETER accepts credit and debit cards for all the major national and international financial institutions. These cards should be supported by either Visa or MasterCard.

You might face this problem if you are using an International PayPal account. We suggest you to try making payments at STORETER using local PayPal account.
In case you continue facing the same problem, we suggest you call our Customer Service Center.

COD is a payment method which is used to buy products online. COD stands for Cash on Delivery. This payment method allows the customer to make payment for their purchase at the time of delivery. However, COD mode of payment is not applicable at some areas of delivery. We request you to kindly check the same while making an order.
COD is a simple and hassle-free way of doing purchases at STORETER’s.
What are different payment methods available at STORETER’s?
At STORETER’s we have multiple payment options. These include:

Cash On Delivery

Credit/ Debit Card 

PayPal accounts


A customer can choose any of the payment methods as per his/her comfort.


Making payments using STORETER’s E-Wallet is highly beneficial. 

Besides being fast, making payments via E-Wallet is very easy and convenient. 

It is highly secured mode of payment.  

You can Top-Up your E-Wallet as per your requirements. 

Refunds are faster in case of E-Wallet (within 24-48 hours)

We give exclusive vouchers and promos to our E-Wallet customers.


Open STORETER’s site

Click on ‘My Account’

Under my account click on ‘Manage my Account’

On the left side of the page you can see STORETER’s E-Wallet after Account Dashboard.

Login to your STORETER’s account.

Click on ‘Manage my Account’

Click on STORETER’s E-Wallet 

Click on ‘verify my account’

You will get verification mail at your registered e-mail id.

You will have to fill in your mobile number. Enter your mobile number. 

You will get OTP code via SMS on your mobile number

Enter OTP code.

Fill in your other personal details. click on ‘Go to my Wallet’

You will get the message that ‘your STORETER E-Wallet is now activated.’ 

We value our customer trust. Your security is most important to us. You store your money with us via E-Wallet. It is important for us to keep your money safe with us. Verification of E-Wallet makes sure that the money stored in these Wallets can be used by an authorized user only.

We at STORETER’s use a unique combination of phone number and e-mail address for verification. Hence, you can own only one STORETER’s E-Wallet linked to your account. 

Login to your STORETER’S account.

Click on STORETER’s E-Wallet

Click on Top-Up.

Once the Top-Up screen opens up, select the amount for a top-up.

Choose the payment mode for a top-up.

Depending on the top-up method selected by you, you get either the Subscriber Number or a Reference Code. You will need this code to complete the top-up process.

Once you complete all the required fields, click on ‘Done’.

You will receive Top-Up confirmation via e-mail and SMS on your registered contact details.

You can top –Up your STORETER’s E-Wallet by any of the following denominations:








You can top-up your STORETER’s E-Wallet as many times as you want. However, your STORETER’s E-Wallet can hold a maximum amount of ₱50,000.

You can use any of the following channels to Top-Up your STORETER’s E-Wallet.



Metro Bank


Sorry, Top-Up via credit card is not available right now. You can Top-Up your STORETER’s E-Wallet using the mentioned Top-Up channels only. We at STORETER’s keep on working on our site to make things more easy and convenient for our customers. We will be adding more top-up channels in future.

No, you cannot transfer your STORETER’s E-Wallet balance to another E-Wallet.

You should have received a confirmation reference code on your registered e-mail as well as your registered phone number. In case you didn’t receive it that you can see the reference code in the list of Latest Transactions under STORETER’S E-Wallet.

Don’t worry, it takes some time to amount get reflected in your E-Wallet account. This time may vary depending on the Top-Up channel used. Below is mentioned the time required by Top-Up to reflect in your E-Wallet:

7-11              - within 1 hour      

BPI               - within 1 hour      

Metro bank    - within 1 hour      

BDO              - within 25 hours  

If the balance does not reflect in your account as per the above mentioned time, then, you are suggested to contact our Customer Service Center. Be ready with the proof of Top-Up ( e-mail confirmation, receipt, etc.). 

Most of the Top-Up reference number is valid for a period of 24 hours. The validity of Reference Number will also be mentioned in the e-mail or the SMS notification send to you for the Top-Up request. 

Loaded balance on the E-Wallet does not get expire. However, balance on the rebates may get expire. This will be as per the promotion terms.  The Expiration is mentioned in the List of Transaction.

Reflection time of Top-Up balance may vary, depending on the Top-Up channel used by you. 

7-11              - within 1 hour      

BPI               - within 1 hour      

Metro bank    - within 1 hour      

BDO              - within 25 hours  

If the balance does not reflect in your account as per the above mentioned time, then, you are suggested to contact our Customer Service Center. Be ready with the proof of Top-Up ( e-mail confirmation, receipt, etc.). 

Once you select the product, go to ‘Select Payment Method’ 
Click on ‘STORETER E-Wallet’
Click On ‘Pay with Balance’

STORETER automatically uses the balance which is going to expire first. As a result, first Rebates are used, then The Refunds and then the Top Ups/ Deposit Balance. 

Once you confirm your purchase, select STORETER E-Wallet in payment option. Since the balance in your E-Wallet is not sufficient, you will be asked to Top-Up your E-Wallet. You can complete the purchase process by choosing “Load Money and Pay”. 

Make sure you load up your E-Wallet within 24-hours.

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